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At Tahiti Eden Tours, we take your trip personally. We want you to feel at home in the islands, which is why we invite you to learn more about our company. Our mission is to provide a personalized tour for the perfect Tahitian vacation. We’ve built our company on a set of core values to create a memorable tour experience that lasts a lifetime. We want you to love our tours so much that you’ll tell your friends about us! we do beaches activities (snorkeling and paddle board) during the tour, that's very rare with other guides (on request without any extra). You want to discover Tahiti by the air on a cessna 172, a PA28 archer III or on a helicopter?  You are at the right place. We have access to parking of private jet and other type of aircraft on Tahiti Faa'a airport and yatchs dock. We have 3 vans with 8 seats at your disposal.


Following an intense two month training course, applicants must pass a series of written and verbal tests covering topics on ancient and modern Tahitian history, Polynesian history before the Europeen arrival. We place potential applicants through rigorous training on Polynesian culture, traditions, ecology, geography, and folklore.

Sounds tough, right? It’s our way of finding the best tour guides in Tahiti.

At the core, our guides follow 2 principles:

  • expert knowledge of Tahiti history and culture.

  • Always be friendly and professional.

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