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LUGGAGE STORAGE - Terms & conditions

  • We only provide luggage storage services 24h/24h - 7/7 days for customers who booked on tahiti eden tours a return trip from airport, hotel, Papeete dock..we pick you up directly with your bags and we drop you off to a place you want then we store your luggage at our wharehouse in Papeete. We come back to pick you up the day and time that you have indicated with your luggage and we drop you off at the airport, dock, hotel...

  • For private circle island tours, we offering this service and give you 50 % discount for any transfer the same day.

  • The price of the lugagge storage is per item, depends of size and additional Day(s). For large quantities (6 bags or more) or for special requests please call or Send e-mail

  • We don’t take items that are too valuable, too big or have possible dangerous content.

  • You can only pay  with cash: USD - EUR - XPF or with Paypal ( no credit card)


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